Author: Raúl Acuña Godoy

Garmin Lidar Lite v3 sensor characterization

The new Lidar Lite V3 sensor may be useful for height control of a quadcopter. We want to integrate one of this sensors into our new Asctec Firefly quadcopter for safe indoor flight. The first step of the integration is a

Potential Field Navigation: Obstacle definition in Python using a Gaussian Field

First let’s start with some basic assumptions.  We define a 2D environment of size x_max, y_max. We can easily represent this environment in Python as a Grid of size (x_max, y_max). The resolution of this Grid is not important for

Robotino Vrep scene with twist message controller (ROS)

The robotic platform Robotino is a nice omnidirectional Robot manufactured by the company Festo. It was surprising for me to find out that the Robot Simulator VREP doesn’t have a working model of this robot,  even though there exist an

Vrep quadrotor control script using Twist messages from ROS

Vrep has a very nice quadrotor model, however for my research I needed a controller based on velocity Twist messages obtained from ROS.   Quadcopter simulated in Vrep I programmed a new LUA control script  for the quadcopter based on

Developing in ROS Indigo using QtCreator

The following is a guide on how to start using QtCreator in order to build projects in ROS Indigo (Ubuntu 14.04) with the new Catkin Tools. 1) Install Qt Creator: 2) Install the new Catkin Tools 3)  Create a catkin

National geographic wallpapers

I have modified a script that I found in the internet and now you can download all the National Geographic Wallpapers from 2008, 2009, 2010 and first half of 2011. Download this script: Then run in linux: sh

Becas de Phd e investigación del Gobierno de Suiza

  El gobierno de Suiza está ofreciendo Becas de PhD, Postdoctorado y de investigación para Venezolanos. La fecha límite para aplicar es 31.10.2014. Los requisitos se pueden encontrar en la siguiente página:  

Oferta de empleo para Ingenieros Electrónicos

Saludos cordiales!   Sirva la presente para saludarle y para hacerle llegar la oferta de empleo que estamos ofreciendo a ingenieros electrónicos. Gracias de antemano por distribuirla entre sus conocidos que puedan ser posibles candidatos.   Ing. Alexander A. Nuñez

Becas FullBright

Scholarship Opportunity Alert Now Accepting Applications The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is now accepting applications for scholarships to pursue graduate study in the United States! Programs by Country Visit the Fulbright Program’s interactive map on the U.S. Department of State’s

Cupo electrónico Cadivi Cencoex Banco Mercantil

Para poder utilizar el cupo en el 2015 es necesario activar la tarjeta de crédito en Mercantil En Línea. La opción se encuentra en el menú de tarjetas de créditos – servicios adicionales. Me costó bastante encontrar esto, ojalá esta